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These Oils Saved My Hair

Know your oils

Hey Chikitas
As requested, this article is about oils that support natural hair growth.

Many people have the strange misconception that natural hair is terrible. They say things like “ how in the world do you comb it?



or “why do you let yourself suffer so?” and immediately I know that they don’t have what it takes to be a naturalista.

Either that or they have met people indifferent about the state of their hair.

2222                DOUBLE YIKES!!!
Don’t have me wrong. Keeping natural hair does take a lot of work and dedication. But only the bravest at heart can embark on such a journey. Now that you have excluded yourself from the ignorant lot, you should know that natural hair requires a more delicate touch than relaxed hair. you don’t just wash and dry and style.

HELL NO!!! Don’t be a learner.
You need to indulge in routines and the glorious wash day. There’s also deep conditioning, protein treatments and the lot. Trust me. Its work but its tremendous fun. Plus you get to bask in the glory of people admiring your healthy, long and curly locks. For me, it’s a “been there, done that”.

I’m going to list of the best oils for naturalistas to patronize.
I’m going to talk about my top five.

Note that you can mix two oils together for maximum effects but in light proportions. I’m sure you’re thinking why? Or else what? Well… or else, youd get awfully greasy hair. Especially if you aren’t washing it out.

1. first on my list is : Argan oil
This oil does unbelievable things. It serves as a repair treatment. So if you have damaged hair, Argan oil is the way to go. It also improves elasticity of hair. You know what this means right? Well I’d tell you anyways. If your hair is elastic, it means reduced breakage.

Say goodbye to the horrible hair breakage that once burdened you. How cool is that. It also reduces frizziness of your hair. You know what happens to your teeth when you drink coke? Yeah, that happens to your hair as well. You just don’t feel it the way you do in your teeth. And this is my favorite… it serves a s a heat protectant. That means, when you want to straighten your locks, you don’t fry your hair. Now you know why it is called “liquid Gold”. This baby is truly a keeper. Plus, it stimulates hair growth. (Added bonus)

get it here:

Canola oil: canola oil does almost everything Argan oil does but why I believe it stands out is because…. *drum roll* it repairs split ends.
Who hates split ends? If you don’t, I most certainly do. Till early last year, the only way to deal with your split ends was to cut them. Imagine having hair of about 16 inches with split ends of about 4 inches. The scissors intersect and bye bye long hair. You’re down to 12 inches. So this oil is a saving grace. However, dove had a product for the split end repair as well. Canola oil is however cheaper.

get it here:

2. coconut oil
No… coconut oil is not only for cooking. It can also add a lustrous shine to your pale looking hair. It can also be used for dry scalp treatment. Personally, I use it for deep conditioning and I mix it with olive oil for my hot oil treatment. It leaves your hair scenting fantastically. I personally do not like the smell but that’s probably because I do not like coconut.

Buy it here:


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Olive oil: olive oil, I use most often when I use my coconut oil. It not only hydrates my hair but makes a great seal in for whenever I want to deep condition my hair and carry it wrapped up overnight. It in addition moisturizes the roots. This is an oil to pour unto your scalp and not just on the length of your hair.

get it here:

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3. grape seed oil
Are you constantly disturbed by your itchy scalp? do you think you need a scalp treatment? Or just an anti bacterial or antifungal treatment? I believe you get where I’m headed. Grape seed oil is for you. That means, if you have scabs or sores on your scalp, don’t hesitate to douse it in grape seed oil.

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Tea tree oil: tea tree oil banishes your problem of itchy scalp. Grape seed oil isn’t the only thing that takes care of this problem. Tea tree oil also helps take care of your itchy scalp problems.

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4. Amla oil
Amla oil is wonderful for dandruff treatment. It rids all possible thriving factors for dandruff. i.e. it keeps your scalp moist and hydrated just enough to prevent dandruff . That’s great but that’s not why I like this oil. It is an even better conditioner. Whether you are deep conditioning or you are just conditioning your hair after a wash, this oil is key. But that is not why this oil made my list. This is a secret I bet your mom doesn’t know. This oil actually restores the black pigmentation on ugly grey hairs. That means no more pesky people pulling it out of your head. No more having to cut them off. No more people exclaiming that you have awful grey hair amongst your tresses. I must confess… I haven’t used this particular oil before. It’s rare in the Nigerian markets.

get it here:

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5. castor oil
Castor oil does mainly one thing for me. Can you guess what it is?
Probably not. It grows hair. That’s it primary function. It simply stimulates the growth of hair on your head. Try it on your eyelashes and be wowed at the results. And… if your brow hairs ain’t growing fast enough, splash some drops of castor oil on them and VOILA!!!   You would after at least two weeks be able to bat your pretty curly eyelashes. You’re welcome.

get it here:

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Avocado oil: this avocado is just a wonder fruit. Its oil not only banishes split ends but also gets rid of frizz in your hair. If you have trouble taming your locks, I suggest you depend on avocado oil. It will as well infuse many vitamins into your hair, stimulating growth. With avocado oil, your split ends will stop eating into the actual length of your hair. It will ensure your split ends don’t eat further into the length of your hair. i.e. your hair wont split NY FURTHER THAN IT ALREADY HAS. It repairs split ends very very very very VERY slowly. That’s why I suggested canola oil at first.

get it here:

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Others include:
– lavender oil
– thyme oil
– rosemary oil
– peppermint oil

Please do not believe these oils are one off use and results appear. You use them over a period of time before you start seeing the fruit of your labour.
I have for sale most of the oils I’ve mentioned. I can’t advocate for what I’ve not used….
The only oopsie there is…
My online shopping site isn’t fully functional yet so…. You can’t purchase it online yet.
But for those in Babcock University, you can have it delivered.

you can also get them online at very slightly higher prices. Just follow the link below.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you for reading,
With love,
Shy guliver


7 thoughts on “These Oils Saved My Hair

  1. Thanks for the post, I love the castor and aragan oil effect. You know any oil that would soften my hair? You know that feeling when you can’t comb your hair cos it’s painful. And oils for falling hair. Thanks


  2. What are your rates for advertising. I have some hair products to send to you for samples. If you find them satisfactory, I would like to know how much to advertise them with you.


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