Experts Say You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Do you find yourself feeling constantly bloated?
Having rough Skin?
Having explainable headaches and constipation?
Well then this article is for you.
I’m sure you’ve heard it time over.. water is good for you. Drink lots of water. Drink 8 glasses of water daily. Yeah.. I have too. And i’m also very very all too familiar with the zeal and enthusiasm that follows for the first two days after deciding to align your lifestyle with the daily doze.

Trust me. It fades by day three. Its just human nature.
But we all know we should drink water. I just don’t think we know exactly why we should drink water and how important it really is. Fashionistas, fitness addicts, naturalistas and the average business man or little kid… you’d want to read this till the very end.

First of all: fitness addicts
Water is muscle fuel.
When you go to the gym why do you think the hunk beside you carries a water bottle?
Yes he gets thirsty but that’s not exactly why. Studies show that you tire when you exercise because your muscle fuel tank is ZERO. When you sweat, you loose your stored water and that means you would have no more energy to run on. Whenever you get tired at the gym, just gulp a lot of water and you’d see from outta no where the energy you’d get to continue.

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(to be continued)


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