Experts Say You’re Not Drinking Enough Water ( Part 2)

Second on the list:


yes, water ensure you have clearer skin. Doctors advice that you don’t drink water only when you’re thirsty but you drink water all the time, periods spaces evenly through out your day.


Pimples, Boils and other random things that pop up on your skin may be caused by certain toxins that are present in your system. Water helps to neutralize their effects. Water reduces or rather helps to prevent pimples.

It would also improve the colour and texture of the skin as water aids the skin cells grow properly.

Number Three:


Water is essential for circulation of materials through your body. (via BLOOD) When you eat food, it is liquidized into a tolerable form for your body’s nutrition and utilization. So if you do not drink enough water, the materials would not reach destination fast enough. Don’t have me wrong. They would eventually reach destination but when you know you can speed up the process, why wouldn’t you.

Number Four:

Did someone say DETOX?

Water with a dose of fibre cures constipation. But more importantly, water aids in flushing out the deadly toxins that gather in our systems. Urine and Sweat are waste products liquified. If we don’t drink water to replace what is lost through urine and sweat, that spells out trouble for human kind.


For your detox, you are welcome to adopt the method shown above. You fill a jar with water and put in fruit slices in them to add not only flavour but also nutrition. For instance the Lemon Detox Drink, as well as Cucumber and Strawberry. The list is UNENDING.

There is no need using tens of thousands of naira getting detox products or powders or teas. Just take a mighty daily doze of water for three consecutive days with modified eating and you are good to go.


Number Five:


Drinking Water prevents hair loss AND improves hair texture as well as ensures hair growth. When your cells are well hydrated, it stimulates hair growth. So for the long locks, drink up more water.

Number Six:



I personally tried this. THE WATER THERAPY.

For three consecutive days i took nothing but only cold water.

Day one was miserable as hell but consecutively, i pushed aside my hunger pangs. My system was detoxified and i lost four kilos. ( Although i gained two back), i felt lighter and more energetic.

Taking water often ensures that your body does not shift into conserve mode. This means, your body will not begin to store water against your wish. This simply results in you feeling bloated and means your pounds are going no where.

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