Hey Guys,

i’m awfully sorry for delaying the post. i crave your forgiveness.



I greet una. My name na Rebecca. My boyfriend tok say e no want me again. Me and dis boy we don engage o. E tok say e wan marry me come nest yea. He say e wan marry me say we go get plenti shidren. Nest tin he come get contrakt come get big big moni. Na e my bobo one day  pack my load commot from e house talk say make i no near e compound again. I dey wit dis boy for sefun yeas now and e wan remove me like say i wan chop e money. I dey wit am when e neva get anitin for dis life and now weh e don hamma e wan trowe me. I no kno wetin i go do now.

abeg i nid plenty plenti advise.

Hello Guys, this was actually an initiative of my bosom pal SARAH DAVID TUKSA. It is an advice Forum. I overcame the temptation to alter anything written by this poor lady. She needs our advice so please don’t fail to chip in. What do you think she should do?

I think she should stay and fight for her relationship. #empire : Cookie Lyon

What Should She Do?


19 thoughts on “I NEED ADVICE

  1. If this is still up for discussion, i’d like to say she should get on her knees and pray for God to touch his heart. That’s her only way out. Prayer is the key


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