sorry for being so mute all this while. I’ve been neck deep in work, trying not to drown. Anyway, I recently started offering a service for hair growth. As you can easily guess, its called the protein treatment. Now, there are many different types of protein treatments but I’m going to dwell on the unique one of egg and honey with a mixture of oils.

I don’t know why i like it so much but i just really do. my hair texture is impeccably smooth and i no longer have nasty breakages. #yayteam.

I used to pay alot of money to get this done to my hair till i put my foot down and said no more. So i went web surfing trying to get a treatment that would be perfect for me. (Something that i could handle on my own in the comfort of my house or my dorm room)

Basically, you’d need three types of ingredients:

  1. Egg (s) : I use two because my hair is very very full. You’re only going to use the yolk of the egg because the white of the egg has a drying, firming effect so i just use it on my face to close my pores and stuff like that. Crack the egg and pour it into a bowl.


2.  Honey: Honey has a moisturizing effect. It is really sticky and is likely to run down the sides of your face and unto your clothes so you might want to wear an old shirt.  Depending on the amount or number of eggs you decide to crack open, you put the equivalent of honey. I usually just pour out a goop of it into the egg but you’ve gotta do things in moderation. After you add your honey, just beat it in with the egg. Please use a fork. It should look like this when you’re done.


3. Oils: No! I do not mean cooking oils. I mean the essential oils that mom your hair. I personally put in a few drops of everything I have. I use ARGAN OIL, OLIVE OIL, COCONUT OIL, CASTOR OIL and TEA TREE OIL. Mild drops but I’m very generous with the olive oil probably because its the least expensive. 😀

Personally, I like the coconut oil in a coagulated cream but for this, it’s adviceable to use it in it’s pure liquid form.


Now that you have that sorted out, let’s proceed.

First of all, Comb out your hair properly, starting from the tips and then slowly progressing to your scalp. I usually wash my hair with a mild shampoo first but this is not a necessary step. If your hair is dirty it is however a mandatory step.

After washing your hair, do not dry it. You may towel dry lightly but leave the hair moist . Now divide your hair into four sections. It could be six, it could be two but I advice four so you have total and complete coverage.

You’d also need a small pick comb and a large comb. Using the big comb, comb out your hair slowly again. Using the pick comb, go line by line as convenient for you until you have successfully covered that section in the goo. When you are done, massage that section of your head. Then twist ad tuck. Repeat this procedure for the other three sections of your hair until your entire hair is covered in the goo.


Next, secure your hair with a thick plastic or shower cap.

You have two options at this point.

a. Let it stand for six hours as you go about your daily activities or

b. Sit under the drier or put a hand dryer over your head.

I usually do this when i have a luxury of time so i usually let it sit before i wash it out and condition. You would want to wash it out properly or else your hair would smell of eggs for a couple of days. When you’ve rinsed it out, twist your hair out into a number of medium sized twists and pack them on top of your head. If your hair isn’t that long, just leave it that way. The idea is to achieve an air dry.

Once your hair is dry, cream your scalp and massage then style as desired. That’s it in essence. Fun, affordable and convenient.

Thank You for reading.

Shy NINI 🙂



  1. I just washed out my hair after doing this treatment. I started at about 8 and this is about 3pm. My hair texture is lovely to say the least.


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