1000 hits: Milestone!!!!

This is a very exciting moment for me.

This is the first blog after many failed attempts at a blog to pass time and feel groovy that I’ve gotten even up to a hundred views.
But this time I’m not talking about a hundred views. It’s my first milestone of a thousand views. It would be very distasteful if I didn’t recognise and appreciate everyone who personally worked with me to achieve this.
Thank You Sweet Jesus.
All my love to my main Chikitas and all the guys (who it was awkward for to open a girly blog but did so to show support) Don’t worry I have content planned for you that you can relate to 😉
The first on my little list is Mummy Dearest. Yes I have to acknowledge my mom. I love her to the heavens and back. She initially didn’t buy the idea of this blog and protested against it but my stubbornness gave her no room.

When she saw how devoted I was to the blog, she only made me promise her it won’t interfere with my actual academic work. Thank you mummy, your ‘go ahead’ means a lot to me.

My lovlies Bukola Adesanya, Kemi Alofe, Ayodeji Madamidola, Katya Anyagafu, Yemi Ajiboye, Precious Unazoi, Ibukun Adebara 😉 , Fiyin (<3), Alafin Ololade…. Osisanya Dapo, Sarah David, Jedidiah Christwealth, Anaetor Philomena, and Dorcas (who never fails to comment even when she doesn’t have to), thank you guys.

Thank you cannot possibly convey the amount of heartfelt gratitude within my person. God bless you.

Keep slaying.

Shy Nini
:* :* :*
*dramatic tear drop from one eye


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