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Natural Hair Chronicles: Stop Breakage and Retain Length

Hello Again My Lovelies,

So today  have a guest blogger by name of Paula Kekai. She has been an amazing person and she volunteered to give a post on natural hair breakage. 😀

Lots of Love To PAULA KEKAI 😉 φ

“I’m Paula Kekai, a natural hair enthusiast. Admin of all thing natural channel on bbmc C003E537C. Community development facilitator for Fadama project and a hair stylist.”

Your natural hair can grow longer than it is right now, it can grow longer than it has ever been.
If you can stop/prevent breakage, then you will be able to retain as much length as possible.

Four major causes of breakage for natural hair are:
1: Lack of moisture
2: Lack of protein
3: Improper handling
4: Colour and heat damage.

1: Lack of moisture: The majority of people experience breakage due to a lack of moisture. When your hair is dry, hard and difficult to comb, when it makes a cracking sound during manipulation and feels like paper, Your hair is crying out to you for moisturize. Hair that lacks moisture will break at every turn.


To restore moisture in your strands do:
• Deep Conditioning, I go for thick deep conditioners because of the Kinky nature of my hair but if your hair is more curly and light, definitely use lighter and more liquid deep conditioners. Apply and leave for d specified time (usually 30mins) and rinse off.

• Moisturize and seal more often: If you don’t have a moisturizer or leave in, get one. Depending on how dry your hair is, u might need to moisturize daily. Seal by applying oil and/or butter immediately after. I use butters because of my hairs thickness but if u have light strands that are easily weighed down, use oils to seal. If your hair is thin/fine, use light oils.

• Drink a lot of water daily, hydration comes from within. Don’t go thirsty, it will show in your hair.
2: Lack of protein: People who suffer from this often times don’t know it is the cause of their breakage. So many people with soft natural hair keep complaining of their hair breaking off in large amounts. They deep condition often and moisturise but this doesn’t help.

When your hair is lacking protein, it is usually overly soft even when not wet, mushy to the touch, weak and limp, loses its curl pattern, doesn’t shrink as much and as quickly as before. Many naturals with fine/thin hair experience this type of breakage mostly because their hair strands are thinner and lacks strength.

To repair this type of breakage, a healthy dose of protein as often as possible is needed. Go with products that have protein in them, they will help strengthen your strands.


• Do a protein treatment: You can buy a store bought protein product and follow the instructions written on it or you can make your own with egg, mayonnaise and oil mixed together. Irrespective of the one you buy, follow up immediately with a see conditioning treatment to restore moisture to your hair because protein treatments are drying.

• Do a hot oil treatment, this can also be done if your hair is lacking moisture. It improves the strength of  your hair greatly. Warm some olive oil or coconut oil in a pot of boiling water or microwave and apply to your hair. Cover for 30mins and proceed to wash your hair as usual.

3: Improper handling: I know I said the other two are the major causes of breakage but this is too!!! I can’t count the number of times I have heard someone say, my hair breaks whenever I comb it, my hair breaks whenever I loosen my braids etc.


Natural hair is not like relaxed hair that you can wake up in the morning and comb and rush out. No!!! Stop combing your hair everyday unless its like 1 inch long and isn’t difficult to comb. The instant your hair starts resisting your wide tooth comb (which is the only kind of comb you should use for your hair), stop combing often. Restrict combing to only when you wash or once a week. Someone might ask, so will my hair not be rough?

The fact is, no matter how you comb your hair, the kinks will remain, it wont be as smooth as a relaxed hair neither will it stop tangling. Instead of combing daily, put your hair in large braids or twists at night, loosen it in the morning and then use your fingers to arrange your hair.

Finger detangling is also a great option especially if you have long hair and fine hair. Fine hair is more prone to breakage so stop constant combing!!!


Hair styles that are tight and too complicated will also break your hair. If you have fine/thin natural hair, do not do braids!!! Twists are better for your hair type, your hair cannot resist the tugging and pulling involved in taking down braids or installing it. Low manipulation styles are your best friends. Check for simple low manipulation styles and do them.

4: Hair colour and heat styling are also some causes of breakage and prevention is basically not to do them but if you must, ensure you take necessary precautions before and after treatment. Use a good heat protectant, don’t use high heat, don’t use heat too often.

Have you experienced breakage?
What was your major cause and how did you treat it?

Show some love to Paula Kekai


Thanks for Reading

Shy Nini


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