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Hair Problems BLACK GIRLS can relate to

So Relatable


Ten so relatable black girl hair problems:

W asked thirty four people on the streets at random and these are the most popular/ re- occurring answers.


N.B the names of the persons listed were the first to give the said responses. So if you said something similar and your name is not here, I apologise. 🙂

  1. “You try everything possible to make sure your hair doesn’t get wet. I am always prepared. I always have either a shower cap or a nylon in my handbag so when rain starts, i pull out my amour and shine ” – Moyo Onayemi
  2. ” You have to do the twist out every single night to avoid shrinkage”- Feranmi
  3. “Every one wants to touch your hair. I’m like WHY?!” – Adeola Mercy Familusi
  4. “Wash day is Exhausting” – Me ! 🙂
  5. “You spend all day at the hair place ( salon )  – Bisi


  1. “My hair is always dry ” – Eberechi
  2. ” Definitely Satin Bonnets  “- Susan
  3. ” Straightening natural hair is an uphill task. I did so last week, and it wasn’t so perfect. After five minutes, it bounced up again. That is to say, i wasted all my time getting burnt by the straightener.  “- Queen Maduka
  4. ” Having thousands of hair products that achieve the same purpose. I don’t know why I keep buying them “- Chidinma
  5. “People look at me like I am crazy or something when i rock my full fro. I really wonder why  “- Veronica Okonkwo


photo cred: getty images

What other black hair struggles do you face?  Do share…

Thanks for reading

Shy Nini



10 thoughts on “Hair Problems BLACK GIRLS can relate to

  1. That is rubbish. Anyone can get Breakage. It is part of the cycle of hair life. All these professors. Please next time have your facts before you start talking people down. Thank you.


    • I had facts before I spoke. Last I checked I was not talking to you. I was talking to Elizabeth. Mind your business. Miss ITK


  2. Shrinkage is just the worst Sharon. It is the total worst. I don’t know why hair has to shrink. Help! What can I do to overcome shrinkage


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