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What really are PIMPLES??




Pimples are those little things that pop up on your face from time to time (layman talk). *Puts on nerdy glasses* they can also be seen to occurs when the sebaceous organs,embedded at the base of hair follicles, become overactive.

When this happens, there is NO MERCY for the face ( the beautiful face), your back and your tummy. Ever wonder why you never find pimples on your neck??  yeah… me too.

These are the types of pimples known to man. (and no i am not going to put up any pictures because they are just plain gross)

Knowing the type of pimple that has taken over your face make sit easier to combat. Yes, i said combat. This is to ensure you don’t waste your time treating something with the wrong remedy. *scoffs , like using ‘robb’ for a headache. Catch my drift?

There are 6 main types:

  1. The dreaded whiteheads (comedo)
  2. Annoying clogged pores (open comedo)
  3. Awful Papules: “strong, adjusted knocks that ascent from the skin”
  4. Disgustingly tempting Pustules: “pimples loaded with discharge”, these are the ones you’re always trying to pop when no one is looking .
  5. Knobs
  6. Scarring Cysts: “loaded with pus”. These hurt… alot!

Thanks for reading

Shy (Very irritated cuz i looked at the photos) Nini


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