I know that by now you must have noticed the fab redec i’ve done.

That’s not the point. You must have also noticed the countdown on the right side of this screen. Yes your screen. I’m having a giveaway contest…

Isn’t that grand?? and anyone can enter but sadly, there would be only one winner.

The prize is a secret for now.. that makes it even more fun, don’t you think.

To enter, take your glam selfie with a bold lip stick and upload it.

You kinda figured it’s an instagram contest by now right…


To Enter

As i was saying, take your glam selfie and put up  hashtags ( #glamselfie, #chickbella #giveaway and tag me 🙂 @krazee_08)

Criterion for choosing the winner

Criterion (singular) is conditional. As long as you put in the three tags and tag my account, the post with the highest number of likes wins…. so get posting.

Contest ends on the 30th of May

Winner would be announced on the 31st of May, 2016



Keep Slaying

Shy Nini


6 thoughts on “Giveaway…

    • You did not hashtag all three. Sorry but I would have to treat your entry as void. Reason: Did not fulfil the rerquirments. I do hope you would send another entry. Thanks Kara. Much Love 🙂


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