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Internship loading… ( 8 Rules of Office Wear)

Hey there,

Well to those of you who know me, you’d know I have been waiting a while for some internship in corporate firm (for the experience) and well, God has been too faithful. (I am a Christian and a Jesus freak; you got a problem with that, bail)

So as I was saying, so I got my letter and God didn’t fail me. The main ish here is that I’ve never really interned where I ever needed to dress all official and stuff. The blazers, skirt suits, heels and all… no. I’ve never had any work that warranted that, whenever I dressed up, it was cuz it was my feel good day. So begins my prep before my internship starts.

Here’s a friendly tip:

While at school, I plan my wardrobe for the week, a Sunday before so I don’t wake up to the frantic morning drama of ‘what the heck do I wear today’. My criterion for picking the weekly wear is contained in my next post. (Yes, I said contained)

So to all those in my shoes, here are the guidelines to dressing work compliant.

Before we begin, accessorize to look chick, not to be heard whenever you take a step. My personal fav, a wristwatch and studs.

Rule 1

Your neckline should not plummet below 3.5 inches beneath your collar bone.

Okay, maybe 4 but anything below that is flirty and very very inappropriate for the work place setting. Where do you think you are? A club house?

Make sure your neckline is modest and respectable. Even for those who like to show some cleavage.

u         qqqqqq

Do you see my point?

Rule 2

No spaghetti straps to work

Unless you have a cute blazer stashed away somewhere that you’d don on as soon as you enter your work premises. Again like I said… it’s not a club and you’re not heading out to the beach with your buddies. So, no spaghetti straps to work. Sleeveless tops should at least extend to cover the full length of your shoulders.

zz                z       q

Work place no no… 😦

Rule 3

No see through at work

Why are you trying to attract unnecessary attention?  If you don’t intend to slip on a cami before wearing that see through then don’t. It doesn’t belong at work. Behave yourself.


No matter how great your body is..


Rule 4

Dress season/ weather appropriate.

When it’s hot, I don’t expect you to wear your thickest blazer, chiffon would do. This isn’t a no no but you don’t want to stand out like the fashion crazed weirdo in the office now do you? Or fur boots in summer. However, a piece with a blazer is timeless. You can not go wrong with a blazer.

bbb                        bb

Rule 5

When in doubt, wear white

In as much as I love the dainty white mix and match, I do not mean all white everything… that is gorgeous by the way but no, that’s not what I mean. I mean when you have no idea of what to wear, go with a white shirt/ blouse. There’s no going wrong with white. It goes with bold prints and subtle colours as well.

White is fab, white is gorgeous, white is immaculate.

qqqq                    qqqqqqq

uu                1


Rule 6

It’s a giant no no to crop tops, miniskirts and ill fitting clothes

qqqqq                    5

C’mon! I mean, do you really want to go to work and let them see the outline of your bra? Or that muffin top you wouldn’t look at for too long when in front of the mirror? No no no and no. do not do this. It’s not a party house, its work

xxx                 bbbb

Rule 7

Well ironed and pressed.

Starched when necessary. I don’t think the starch applies to females, I’ve never seen any female dress that requires starch. Both way, well ironed and wrinkle free… that’s the way to go.


Rule 8

Have a great work bag. How can you not?

Well, that’s it… those are my rules for work wear


Here’s a recap of all we’ve done. Consider it Revision




The rest are basic.

-Match your patterns right, do not wear floral and print. I will find you and cane you. -Your make up should be simple. Red, Pink, Nude lips                                                     -And there is no rule that says you cannot wear pants to work.

qqqqqqqq           qqq       uu

work wear doesn’t have to be boring… so have fun.

So there you have it my little munchkins, go forth and slay.

Don’t forget to wear a smile





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