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My Piece of Advice to You




Okay so as you can see, this post is titled beauty on a budget. What does this mean. Simply put, don’t spend a million dollars to look a million dollars. I don’t think you get what I mean. I mean, if you broke, then don’t spend all the money you actually have to look like you’ve got storehouses of cash.

Contrarily however, its said you have to package well so people would want to open.

Let me ask you… if my boyfriend gives me an i-phone phone package (having taken out the phone) and gives it to me, what happens?

I would most likely celebrate and fall in love with my ‘supposed’ gift. What happens when i actually open the box?

Not only would bae be in some hella trouble, ( It is NOT permitted even on April fools)  I would be devastated. Why?

Because seeing such a beautiful package, i realized that it was empty. How does this affect you? Same difference.

This applies to your make up, your skin care, your style and fashion. Yes it includes those $80 heels you have your eyes on.

There is nothing wrong with looking good, don’t get me wrong but do not go out of your way to ‘drill holes in your pockets’ to look all dolled up. Less ironically is more (scores more points). Have a budget for everything in your life else you’d go from what i call a ‘fashion hero’ to a ‘fashion zero’. An epic grace to grass story.

I personally advice that you save up to get those extravagant pieces you’d want to add to your collection so you don’t commonize them.

Thanks for reading.

Please take some time out to read my follow up post: BEAUTY ON A BUDGET



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