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Beauty On a Budget (1)

Okay, So beauty on a budget.

For the sake of my readers in other countries (as requested by Tamia ) 🙂 Yes I got your mail; I shall write this post with estimate in dollars.

Since our economy is fast approaching the bottom of the sea, its kinda saddening to calculate with the black market rate which by the way is currently N354 to the dollar, so I will use the official bank rate being about N198 to the dollar.

This is an attachment: Quite detailed actually so don’t just skip it , click on it 🙂


Lets get started shall we

I work two jobs and I also freelance.

Job One Salary:              $126.3

Job Two Salary:              $75.6

Freelance:                        $29.80

If it’s this low with at the bank rate, just imagine what it would look like if I actually used the black market rate.

I feel poor… 😦

Well, luckily, for now, till I find higher and more solid ground and actually get myself a white collar job, I’m a student (undergrad) and that means, in the mean time, mom and dad cater for most of my expenses.

Till next time

Shy Nini



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