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Beauty On a Budget (2)

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This is an Update…


I work two jobs and I also freelance.

Job One Salary:              $126.3

Job Two Salary:              $75.6

Freelance:                        $29.80

If it’s this low with at the bank rate, just imagine what it would look like if I actually used the black market rate.

I feel poor… L


This morning, on my way to work, (I usually get dropped off at a junction to get a bus or a taxi or keke or whatever), my dad and I were engaged in a troubling conversation about the economy. (It’s on every sane person’s mind) and he told me that banks no longer support ATM dollar transactions.

This means instead of running at the bank rate, your transaction would run at the black market rate. 😦

This means these figures are about to take a further nose dive.

Let’s recalculate:            Current Black market rate, 365

Job One Salary:              $68.8

Job Two Salary:              $41.66

Freelance:                       $16.16

Now I can restate:         I feel very poor.

Total:                               $126.62

Don’t pity me though,

But I’m not dying. I’m not starving, I still dress well, my makeup is still on fleek, I still look good.  Amazing! 🙂

Obviously, those $80 pumps are not for me, quite frankly, because I can’t afford them one off. No Shame here. I actually cannot afford a lot of things unless I save specifically for them.

How do I get out of this situation? ONE ANSWER ENSUES


Well, luckily, for now, till I find higher and more solid ground and actually get myself a white collar job, I’m a student (undergrad) and that means, in the mean time, mom and dad cater for most of my expenses.

If there’s anything daddy taught me, it’s chin up and arm yourself with a smile. Let no body see you cry. Tough times don’t last… Tough people do.

Till next time…

Thanks for reading :* 🙂

Shy NiNi


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