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Understanding A Spa Menu

She stole the thoughts right out of my head.
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Spa Treatments are what i consider a necessary evil to kickstart my ‘feel good mood’.

It is so relaxing and you enjoy them when you have them say thrice yearly. In this case, Less is totally much more. Having Spa treatments often can make your system invent an immune mechanism against whatever effects it would give you.

My last spa treatment was honestly two years ago. Last year has proven to be the busiest year of my life but I do have one scheduled sometime in August. ( Amador Suites, Epe, Lagos )

On a completely unrelated note, their services are radical.. you should stop by there sometime. 🙂
Back to what I was saying about Spas. . .

When you are given the brochure, you most likely do not know the heck of what they are talking about, well, this is this fab girl’s break down of each possible service and what it means.
Never be lost or confused or misunderstood again.
Keep being fabulous…
Keep Slaying

If you’ve ever gone through the process of choosing a facial service then you know how overwhelming it can be. I do believe it is important to allow your esthetician to survey your skin and suggest the best treatment, however, I also believe spas have a tendency to upsell their clients or push services that spa is promoting.

I have created an example menu as a visual; the breakdown is listed below.


Classic Facial- This treatment is ideal for relaxation. The treatment last for about an hour and includes cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, extractions, massage, and mask. This treatment is perfect for someone with minimal skin cocerns.

Mini Facial- This budget friendly option is sometimes called a teen facial or express facial but anyone can take advantage of this treatment. When I was working in a spa I would pair this treatment up with a FRUITY PEEL and my clients were always…

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One thought on “Understanding A Spa Menu

  1. Haha I know what you mean everything can seem confusing. especially with massages. I once had a honey massage as usually you think massages are relaxing but it hurt like hell xD

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