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Break In New Heels

Hello Again my lovelies


I’m feeling mighty enthusiastic about today. Maybe its because tomorrow is Friday (my favourite day of the week) 🙂

Work has been lovely and I’m in my feel good zone. If there is one thing I have learnt within this last month, *looks around to see if anyone is eavesdropping* ,”stilettoes hurt my toes”.


(Story Time) Okay, Ladies in the house, we all know , its been said over and over again, times without number that heels give you a sort of confidence boost. I was a bit downcast after going through the dress code of my new office and my eyes settled on a clause that stipulated heels only on official assignments. I can still recall how my jaw dropped. As my resumption date drew nearer, I dreaded it. Nonetheless, I went shoe shopping – looking for something that would be super comfortable.  First day of work, one cold Monday morning, I found myself slipping my feet into my new pair of heels, looking forward to work. ( I took them off before walking out the door though, because I had to take a bus down to my office ) So anyway, when I got to the foot of the edifice that was to be my office, a feeling of euphoria embraced me and I changed into my newbies immediately. Guess what. I hadn’t gotten up the stairs leading to the reception before I felt my first ‘owie’. My feet were hurting. I struggled my way past the reception and into the elevator, dying to get to my floor and sit so I wouldn’t have to feel the pain. I got the shock of my life. When I got in, I kept on staring at my reflection wondering why I had done this to myself; pain engraved in my expression. That’s when my co worker who I shall now nickname “Morss” (for reasons best known to me) walked in with a boyish smile on his face. He was CUTE!!!!! On impulse, I found myself straightening up, taking a very confident stance. There was no way I was going to let him know I went to wear shoes I couldn’t walk in.

As I was about to get off, he told me he really liked my shoes. You can imagine what happened next. There was no way I was going to take them off ever again. I was going to fake it till I would make it. From that day, I have been trying many different thing to make my shoes comfortable so I could strike that sexy confident pose to the admiration of all.

Thank you Morss 🙂 😉


So I will be sharing with you how I have been able to strut my heels even though I’m new to the club. 🙂  You can look hot in heels without murdering your feet.


Water Filled Ziplock Bag  🙂

Yes,  Ziplocks are not only for storing freezables and keeping your sandwiches. All you have to do is to fill the ziplock bag with water , fit them into the shoes and put them into the freezer. According to my high school science teacher  🙂 water expands when it freezes. I don’t know how that sounds but you get my point. Leave them there for a couple of hours. As the ice forms, the shoes would be forced to expand along side. 🙂


Please do not put your shoes in a ziplock bag and fill it with water. That stupidity is all on you fam.

Silicone Gel Inserts

This was actually suggested to me by a coworker. She’s constantly in her 6 inches every second of the day and I was in awe. I just had to find out how she was doing it. I initially felt it was because she was reasonably thinner than me so she could carry her featherweight around but she smiled and told me she used silicone gel inserts.


They cushion your feet from all the standing. Just slip it into your shoes and rake control of your day.

Buy a Shoe Stretcher


This is what it looks like.

These are very popular in Lagos. ( The Lagos Market ) I recall when I bought my new shoes some months ago and when I was about to turn them down for being tight at my toes, he offered to ‘stretch’ them. I was pretty confused. “How do you stretch shoes ?”,  I asked my self. Full disclosure: I didn’t actually buy the stretcher.

stretcher in shoe

Photo Credit Disclaimer

Whenever I go there, I request for the shoes to be stretched. I really don’t have so many shoes that require stretching, I’m a flats person and none of my flats require stretching so what’s the point?  🙂

Scuff The Bottom of Your Heels

I don’t know if you know this but new shoes have really smooth soles(well d’oh). This adds hype to the shoes when you’re bragging about it to your friends but they heighten the possibilities of a fall (hard on your bottom). So what do you do? Scuff the bottom of your shoes ( not the heel itself … obviously, but the ball of your feet) What does this do? Like why would I intentionally ruin my perfect pair of heels?

       ewf                 imagesG3FEQNVQ

This is why- you know the concept of wear and tear and how two smooth surfaces don’t go ( like forces repel) it makes it more likely for you to slip and walk very very awkwardly. Scuffing your soles makes the shoes rough and somewhat sturdy , like you’re rooted to the ground. Comfort doesn’t only exist in the physical.

          tgfet             tf

If you believe you’re comfortable ( having eliminated all chances of falling,  or looking awkward when you’re walking around) you would feel comfortable. I think that’s how it works. It worked for me.

Wear Your Lovely Shoes Often

Fake it till you make it. You’ve heard the whole practice makes perfect line over and over again. I remember my first time walking in heels. That was a total flop. No lie.

5       4

But over time, I got better than the last time with each wear. You want to know how bad it was day one? The heel came off and I landed with my bottom. It was embarrassing. I cannot ever forget that day.

imagesZJNZA7YP      imagesZJNZA7YP      imagesZJNZA7YP


Hair Dryer Hack

This is the easiest thing out of everything I’ve been talking about. Don’t just blast a hot dryer over your feet through, any injuries would not be on me. Wear pair of thick socks over your feet and slip them into your newbies. Now you can blast the dryer on max- you’re welcome. 🙂 Once you start feeling too uncomfortable, please turn off the dryer. Its not worth getting burns for. No pain; No gain does NOT apply here ladies. That’s a capital NO.

This is what I mean. Although I wouldn’t put the dryer so close to my foot.



Basically, this is what I expect you to do.



Thanks for reading my ever loyal subscribers and the shy viewers

Special Thanks to Nana Akua 🙂

Shy Nini






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