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Product Review: LIP TAR

Contrary to the bel ief of many, lip tar is not a recent addition to the beauty sphere. It’s been around for a little while. It is a liquid lipstick with in my opinion, ‘unrivaled pigmentation’.



Unlike most other lipsticks, you don’t need to splurge on so much, the littlest amount is enough / adequate to impeccably cover your lips. It is available in many colours and in three main varieties. (Regular, matte and metallic finishes)


This lip tar, comes so many different colours…. so many


This is basically what it looks like.


2       2;

It is said to be made with hemp oil for perfect finishing and sophisticated looks.

I got this as a gift from someone special


but… I knew nothing about its application and on impulse, as the Nigerian that I am, I went with the slogan, more is better and squeezed out quite a lot.

After that experience, I came across this comment on the net

I seriously wiped my finger over the top of the tube and was able to use that for an entire lip

This stuff is concentrated

5   5   5

Talk about bad timing. * rolls eyes in mild irritation *

That beauty practice session did not go well, thus, the reason there are no try out pictures.

12      12

However, the colour does not last all day. It stays beautifully for a couple of hours like a really long unbelievable period of time though but then begins to fade away, leaving a gentle hue on your lips.


Touch ups I have discovered are quite easy… As most other lipsticks…

The connotation lip tar fits perfectly because; you do not want to get any of it on your pretty white shirt. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The bright color fades into lines around your lips, so if you are over 55, this is probably not for you” says an unsatisfied customer

Note that lip tar doesn’t come cheap… unfortunately. But really, what does anymore.

It is kind of messy with the brush application. It is advised you use the brush because, taking straight out of the tube is just excessive. OCC could make something to store the brush it or just a cap or something for it and that would take the product form an 8.99 to an automatic 10.

I love the  red; almost pink colour best.

7          7          7

Pigment is incredible and lasts long but fades terribly. So its adviceable for you to use a lip tar primer on your lips first.

16       16

This product isn’t for all.

I wholeheartedly think everyone should try and find a bold color from OCC and wear it :).

13      13

It would be a fashion do you won’t regret. I am totally biased with the matte.





Don’t Forget to use the primer first 🙂


Thanks for reading

Do share your experiences with lip tar.

I give it 3 stars

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