Hey ….


I say this with a very heavy heart.

I considered shutting down this blog. I found it burdensome and decided I didn’t have what it required to successfully run a make up blog. Then it occurred to me ( well, my friend pointed out – Nana Akua Bonsu ) its my blog… I can write about my views.

I know I’m letting many of you down, all my loyal subscribers- Dorcas most especially… (yes girl, I notice your support and I am grateful) , Bukola Adesanya, Madamidola Ayodeji, Adebara Ibukun, Unazoi Precious. . . all of you have been great friends and very supportive. 🙂

I love you all to bits.

In essence, this is to tell you all, my loyal subscribers, followers and visitors that I am going through a phase and henceforth ( lol yes I said henceforth) I would be sharing my views and feelings.  That means, I would not be bordering solely on make up or hair or fashion.

See it as “broadening the horizon”

I really don’t know how I feel about this though 😦

I so badly want to tell you guys about so many things but I’ve been restrained based on the unnecessary stereotype of having a niche…..

well, I don’t want a niche…

I want family…

That’s what I’ve found here with you guys

Till next time,

Shy Gulliver






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