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When I was little (very very little)

When I was little ( very very little ), I was told to be nice so Santa would leave me a gift under the tree. And every Christmas Eve. I would sit at the edge of my bed, ‘talking to Santa’. 😀 I would tell him how sorry I was for being naughty that year and how I would try to be nice (with fingers crossed behind my back). 🙂

                                                  santa clause- nice list

Some other day, I was made to believe that the tooth fairy would leave me N500 for every one of my precious teeth that would fall out. 🙂  My mom and I would clean it up and put it under my pillow. The next morning, very eagerly,  🙂 I would hop off my bed and raise my pillow to see a very crisp N500 note. 😉 I would be frantic. Run around the house and show off my newly acquired wealth. ( N500 at that age was a lot of money… a lot) For my foreign readers, that about $1.3 (with the current Nigerian rate of 380 to a dollar) its not much now that I think about it but as a kid, it was bliss :D.  it meant either of two things- Mom would put it into my savings account or there would be a lot of ice cream. (it went for N50 in those times- not now that I queue up to buy two scoops for a thousand, six hundred N1,600) 😦

                                                           tooth faiy- little dreams

I was told the Easter bunny would leave me a basket of Easter eggs ( painted with my favorite colours just to please me). I was born on an Easter Monday 😀 so I felt very very important like the bunny was paying homage to me or something. Although the basket of eggs was rarely at the doorstep, I would get a coloured egg ( chocolate egg ) 🙂 with breakfast every day of that Easter week. like I said bliss. it would come with a note- courtesy the Easter bunny. I would light up and bounce around, showing off a set of perfectly white teeth. Of course those would soon be stained with tasty chocolate. 😀 ( you know this )

                                                    easter bunny with eggs just for me

I was told I was the most beautiful girl in the world 😉 and that no one was worth my trouble ( not to talk about the tears I had wasted on so many people- if only momma knew). 😦 I was to hold my head high and proud – 🙂 I was the most precious jewel and I was loved abundantly ( perks of being an only child for a period of time ). I was cute, I was adorable and very likeable. 😀

                                                         when i was little

Well, Santa turned out to be my mom reading through my letters to Santa, 🙂 buying the gifts, wrapping them and putting them under the tree for me to see ( she never wanted the glory ) 🙂  , the tooth fairy turned out to be my mom leaving me new bank notes and keeping my baby teeth like they were gold inside a little canister  in the right corner of her dresser and the Easter bunny, my mom’s artistic skills, (putting heart into making sure the colours aligned 🙂 ( although I suspect she bought them )  😉 but that’s not the point right now.

The point is- I’ve always relied on fairy tales and imagination for solace meanwhile the answer had been there right behind me the whole time. 🙂 She would go out of her way and her impossibly busy schedule to make me feel ‘heaven on earth’. ❤ 🙂

I had every and any thing I wanted. She would come back late at night from work, tired and stressed but would still make it up to my room every night to kiss me on my forehead, ‘goodnight my love’, I would hear her say. ( I was never ever really sleeping ) My mom, I soon realized was the only super hero ( fairy tale, Santa, Easter Bunny ) I ever knew or needed.

                                  mother and daughter bonding

I love my Mom, (yes you- Mrs. Juwah- I love you with all my heart )  🙂

P.S- that is obviously not me in the picture featured. 🙂 😀 😉  Nor in any other picture here…. 😀


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