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Rumour Has It – Movie Suggestion

My lovely lovely people,


I’m in such a lovely lifted mood… why you may ask?

I have just witnessed even handed justice being served. ( The TAKE THAT kind of justice that makes you wanna do the victory dance and laugh, “ntoi” )  KARMA 🙂

*burst my brain*

(yes, I’m very very Nigerian 🙂 )

Oh well so here I am again 🙂 this time, with a movie suggestion.

This is my favourite part (story time) 🙂 😀

So I’m at the office really really early -say 5:25, 5:30 and I’d usually try to force sleep or read a book  or novel or watch a youtube comedy- specifically mark angel ( which I started doing very recently) . I do this till about 7:50, when I go downstairs to go get breakfast cuz work starts at 8:00.  Yesterday, I came across a series ( if you know me, you’d know I’m a huge fan of series 😀 ) titled “Rumour has it” and I’m all riled up. I get jittery and I’m like…. ooooh *all googely eyes* “new series for Sharon” 😉 🙂

Proudly no … Very proudly, I am here to say that I have completed the 9 episodes of season 1 which I believe is the only season out. The movie was….  it was pretty good though no…. beautiful.


On a serious note, this is what happens in our daily lives. we see this kind of misconduct all over the place as it defaces the core of our existence. These things happen and then nothing is done about it 😦

(that is me being very passionate – infidelity flips me )  *angry face*

Very very honestly, it is a bit cliché…. like an African magic movie ( to all of you who can relate, I feel you bruh.. 🙂 ) the story line is all too predictable with exception of the little twist ( she didn’t end up falling in love with David )

The film is basically about a highly successful woman- Obi who has worked all so hard to carve out a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. she is smart, beautiful, and very wealthy I must add. She hasn’t had a child for her husband yet after about two years of marriage.  Her unbearable mother-in-law ( I hope I don’t turn out that way) ….


It just occurred to me… I shouldn’t narrate the entire thing to you. GO and watch it!!!

I gain nothing from you watching it. This is not a paid ad but I enjoyed it and I decided to share it with you.


The web series stars Uru Eke as a popular and successful celebrity blogger who finds herself at the center of a scandal. Her husband of barely two years, whom she has been in love with since she was 18,  gets his side chick pregnant. The news leaks on the internet and she finds out about it at the same time as the whole world – probably reminds you of a story we all know.

source: http://pulse.ng/movies/pulse-series-review-rumour-has-it-comes-off-as-an-adaptation-with-deary-scenes-id5275448.html

You can follow the link above to read another blogger’s review/ opinion…


She obviously didn’t think it was all that, but I feel it is worth watching.

it is a beautiful. a bit cliché but lovely. at least that’s what ive been blabbing about all day to my friend. I’m sure he’s tired of me (shout out to Keith Odidika)

You should watch it.


Promise me you would watch it 😦

please tell me what you think about it. how did you feel when the big release was brought to light


( when you watch it, specifically episode 8, you would know what the big release is 🙂 )

Thanks for reading

Till next time,

Shy Lula




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