Break In New Heels

HEEL CRUSH: This week, I would be sharing with you lovely people, my new ish with the ‘heel crush’

Chic Bella

Hello Again my lovelies


I’m feeling mighty enthusiastic about today. Maybe its because tomorrow is Friday (my favourite day of the week) 🙂

Work has been lovely and I’m in my feel good zone. If there is one thing I have learnt within this last month, *looks around to see if anyone is eavesdropping* ,”stilettoes hurt my toes”.


(Story Time) Okay, Ladies in the house, we all know , its been said over and over again, times without number that heels give you a sort of confidence boost. I was a bit downcast after going through the dress code of my new office and my eyes settled on a clause that stipulated heels only on official assignments. I can still recall how my jaw dropped. As my resumption date drew nearer, I dreaded it. Nonetheless, I went shoe shopping – looking for something that would be super…

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