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Hey Guys

My All too faithful subscribers and readers

I’ve really been in the dark……….

I can explain I promise

But that is ‘gist’ for another time. Today’s topic is  (I’m sure you are tired of this particular trend) “Drink More Water” 🙂

You’ve probably heard this a couple of times, “ drink more water”

I have blogged about this before (a couple of times) but I can’t get over my water obsession.

Its done so much for me. But this is a ‘plot twist’. I’m presenting you benefits of drinking at least a bottle of water in the morning, within an hour. 🙂

Okay so very recently, I bought myself another face scrub – apricot scrub (yes, you can expect a product review very soon) and I noticed all the wonders it worked for me. From the smoothness of my face to the feel and overall outlook. (blah blah blah)

So two days ago, I noticed that I had rough patches on my face and my skin looked dull generally. I’ve been feeling really bloated and I discarded the though clouds thinking I was just coming down with the flu or something. But then, the last symptom hit me- deep thirst. that’s when I realized…….. I’m dehydrated.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that these are the absolute things you would notice if you are dehydrated but I know my body and I know what it’s trying to tell me from time to time. I went downstairs and chugged a jar of water. It hit the spot.

Work these days … (not something I’m used to yet) 😦 has kept me so preoccupied… I actually forget to drink water. Yes for real for real.

*flashbacks playing*

My glass is always left unused at lunch, my bedside bottle hasn’t been filled in weeks (meaning I have stopped my daily water in the morning therapy) plus I don’t eat dinner and bypass another prompt to  drink water. I feel my body telling me on a very cynical voice “mess with me, I’d mess with you too”

So that’s the back story to what prompted me to write this post.

That’s basically it. So I have been given a couple of things to do in moderation to whoop my internal functions back into shape. Here are some facts you probably didn’t know.

Enjoy  xoxo

Drink water:


On an empty stomach it purifies your colon and makes it easier for your body to absorb nutrients. Its great for your skin and your hair. so drink up people. Create a plain slate for your body. Wipe down all the grease from the walls of your tummy lining so it can absorb more of the great nutrients from all the yummy food. Besides… why go vegan or eat healthy if your body is not going to get more nutrients than the regular guy out there on the street. You have just been schooled folks.


It increases production of new blood cells. Your blood is about 92% water. So more water means more blood literally. New blood cells are formed with water, so more water more blood. More Water , More Blood. Say it till it sticks.


 It helps with weight loss. To achieve this make it cold. Really really cold water. Try throwing some ice cubes into a glass. HERE, do not quote me so literally on this. Weight loss is not a quick fix (trust me, I’ve learnt the hard way), this is just something to include in your routine. Cold water is alien to our bodies because we are warm blooded creatures. When cold water enters your body, your system has to do more work to normalize the temp. More functions equates more calories used. I am terrible at explaining things. I hope this does make sense to you.


Water purges toxins form your body and your blood. This helps to keep your skin clear and gives you a subtle sun kissed glow. Fresh, smooth , glowing skin…. who doesn’t want that. I will indulge in a water detox in a few weeks to come (probably when I round up my exams- I’d be sure to keep you posted on that)


 It balances your lymph system. These glands help you perform daily functions, the extra water helps to balance your body fluids and help you fight infections. That means no more getting sick *snaps fingers* just like that. Alleluia somebody!


 It just occurred to me like right now, You would notice I didn’t say liquids……. WATER. 🙂 Don’t fall victim to self deceit. DO NOT drink up your calories. 😦

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