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3 Minor but IMPORTANT things you need to know- when next you decide to BOX BRAID

Hello again my lovelies



I would like to let all you beautiful beautiful people know that this post was inspired by my co-worker : Nana Akua Bonsu ( an adorably pleasant Ghanian friend of mine)

Both of us found ourselves in the dilemma of the dreaded ‘fall out’

(if you are wearing box braids, you should understand this). 🙂

So this blog post is basically telling you what you should know before you consider braiding


It’s a count down so I will start with …

Number THREE 🙂

Stalk the person that would braid your hair.

Here in Nigeria, that option is really… how do I say not practicable except you are going to one of the top notch hair styling studios. Notice I didn’t use the term ‘saloon’.

(story time) I waltzed into one of such studios some time last month and I sat down. I was made very very very comfortable. they offered me water with ice.. (Yes, Ice), gave me a magazine while I waited, and I settled down and cleared my mind.

Moving on, I sat and waited a while for the next available stylist (I trust guys over girls with my hair. Ironically, they do a much better job- either its true or I’m heavily under bias) he walked up to me and had a chat on what I would like to do to my hair and I smiled up at him, showing him the picture I had come with (I always go with a picture of what I want- always)

He said it would be lovely on me but there was a tiny itsy bitsy problem. they only made hair on appointments. you can imagine my jaw drop . I remember his name- Karl. I wondered why they would keep me waiting for so long without telling me their policy.

I didn’t care at that point. I knew I was going to come back to this studio. I made it one of my priorities on my TDL for the following week. I did go on instagram to look for their work. I mean, a place as lovely as theirs should have done really good stuff ( am I right?)

I didn’t find anything but I went back anyway. I say, I didn’t eventually do anything serious. I did a couple of treatments and finished with my goddess braids. It did cost me a whole lot but I was super satisfied.

Thank You Karl ( I told you I would give you a shoutout  🙂 )

I guess what I would say in essence is – be comfortable around the person that would be making your hair.

Number TWO 🙂


What could I possibly mean?

Simply put, its a thumb rule. If you braid in March and take it out I the first week of April, I do NOT expect you to braid again in the second week of April.

Your hair needs time to heal and repair itself. Braids for one thing stress your tresses so once you take them out, your hair needs a breather. (you would understand this better in you’ve ever used a waist trainer. 🙂

Exactly… that feeling of relief that comes once you take it off…

As a protective style, braids are not meant to last more than about 8 weeks on your head!!! This is to all those who pride themselves of wearing their braids for three months and over. I most definitely do NOT envy you….

Your hair should have a break of at least 2-4 weeks to revive itself an during this time frame, it should be subject to a large bottle (daily dose) of TLC (total love and care)

I’m talking washing, protein treatments, hot oil treatments, deep conditioning, low manipulation and protective styling.

I usually have an add on weave done two weeks after I get my braids done ( I really like braids) I wear the weave for like two, three weeks before I take it out and prepare to braid again. I personally have made a conscious effort not to wear my braids for more than 4 weeks, 5 max.

But hey, that is what works for me, find out what works for you and stick to it.

Which brings me to my final point.


Number ONE 🙂


Many times I see alot of naturalistas heading to Instagram or Youtube for protective styles which is perfectly fine because I do the same. I do the exact same thing. (That’s what you get when MTN gives you loads of MB that would expire the next day). However just because a style looks awesome on someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you, or be the best protective style for you. In the same vain, we both know Beyonce and RiRi can’t rock braids the same way.

If you have a protruding forehead, i’d suggest you go with something that would complement your head shape. Use a colour of hair attachment that best suits your skin tone.

You have to take into consideration your life style, your hair , and the time you are willing to spend for upkeep.


Good luck with your protective styling ladies!

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