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So, I Straightened my hair …

Funny Story Actually of how my hair was subjected to 320 degrees of heat. It was so painfully tiring and I’m sure weak ends of my hair have been burned off but it was totally worth it cuz I slayed with my maroon blazer and nude skirt. 🙂


No, it wasn’t my birthday, I just felt really good about today. (Even though this annoying pimple decided to rest on my nose)


Special Thanks to Ayodeji Madamidola  (IG: dollykinsss) and Nyero Eloho Ogbekene (IG: MichelleNyero) for styling my hair : It took hours 😦

Make up done by yours truly (Chic Bella)  (IG: Chic__Bella; Krazee_08)

The lovely lady in the picture with me is Hadiza Ade (Follow her on IG: hadizaaaaa_)

For this look, i went for a mild neutral cut crease with my Berninia Palette (Rose Gold and Mellow Pink). 🙂


(Tutorial Loading)


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