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Never Ever Ever Leave Shampoo in your hair this long!

Hi My Lovlies,

I’m here with an error from my youth (youth being about three days ago; buy hey, we dwell in days of our youth or so they say)

Anyway, i had been planning this wash day for weeks. I got this new product: Tresemme


and i was dying to try it out! Take out my braids and work on my tresses from my pre- poo down to my conditioning (no plans to deep condition)

I decided to do my spring cleaning in  my dorm as well so once i was done washing my hair, the next step was to shower and dive into the squeaky clean space. (Yes, I have OCD)

I had pre- pooed and it was time to put in my shampoo. I partitioned my hair into six and applied it evenly, very generously into my scalp, scrubbing the dirt out with my fingertips.

I felt bliss deep within my heart that i was finally washing my hair after an entire month. I decided to leave the shampoo in for about ten minutes while I laid my bed. That was my first mistake. *sigh

I got carried away and started impulse cleaning and arranging everything in sight. I went to my friend’s room to complain for a bit and then we got carried away and started gisting.

I didn’t realise the shampoo had stayed three whole hours in my hair. Yes, feel free to gasp and look upon me with disappointment. I actually should have known better. (sigh) 😦

Anyway, i finally washed it out, in aww of the texture of my hair after the shampoo. I put my hair in twists and conditioned it, avoiding my scalp like the plague. I was going to do this the right way. Fast forward to the very next day, my hair dried in the twists (i decided to do a twist out, as I am famous for) and BEHOLD!!!

Dry flakes all over my scalp. I was sad; no terrified. I was downcast to say the least. What could have gone wrong I asked myself.Then it clicked. (literally) shampoo dries out hair… and i stupidly left mine in for a whole ridiculous three hours. Une, Duo, Trois. 3!


I had to take out the twist out very prematurely and comb out my hair, in the process, trying to “scratch” it all out. Another mistake of mine. I don’t know what’s happening to me.

Well, this unfortunate experience happened to me and I felt i should let you know. Do not ever ever leave shampoo in your hair for more than ten minutes (and that’s if only it is an anti- dandruff)

I guess what’s got me the most upset is that I would have to do another wash day! 😦 😦 Those things are so stressful. I guess this goes to show that the naturalista life is not for the lazy folks.

Thanks for reading



P.S this is not a sponsored post but this product is really great. You should try it. I got mine N6,000. (each)


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