Words of Wisdom (Pidgin proverbs)

Hey guys

So as you know, I have broadened my horizon to include lifestyle posts.

And for this week, I want to get to know my subscribers in depths- your nationalities, your cultures and what is important to you. I wish to jumpstart this by sharing with you ‘proverbs’ I have heard here in Nigeria- not in English but in pidgin. And I have come across the most hilarious proverbs ever! Proverbs are as we know, are wise sayings that are intended to instill wisdom into our minds. i.e dash you common sense.

My fellow Nigerians in the house give me a ‘whoop whoop’ *loud screaming*

If you understand them, they should blow your mind at how ridiculous they seem yet they are so true and probably relatable.

Enjoy my top 5.

  1. Na for old age ashewo dey know the value of pikin.

This basically means that it’s after you’ve mis- used an opportunity that you value it. ‘Ashewo’, meaning prostitute, ‘pikin’ meaning child.

  1. Rat wey follow lizard enter rain, na later e go hear am

This preaches against what we like to call ‘follow follow’. Do not compare yourself to others and do not try to copy what they do mindlessly. i.e rats are warm blooded and hairy, lizards are coldblooded and scaley.

  1. Small pikin wey dem carry for back no know say the journey far

When you have things constantly being done for you, you tend not to appreciate them.

  1. Person wey chop belle full, no know wetin hungry may dey see.

When you’re used to having something, you lose appreciation for it and lose sight of the fact that others around you lack it.


And finally,

  1. Na as goat dey stand market na en dey fit price am

You are recognized when you make yourself available. It is mostly used in relation to girls who are yet to be married. It’s the African parent way of askinh ‘how far marriage’


This is something peculiar to me as a Nigerian citizen- pidgin language. It has become a kind of second tongue. So I have told you something about my culture (the Nigerian culture) why don’t you tell me something about yours?

It could be a popular saying in your area of residence or in your native language.

J 😀

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