Live, Love, Learn

So, I’ve Been Prompted To Give An Elaborate About Me Page.

So After Much Thought, Here Are 10 Things About Me. Most Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1

What Is Your Name?

My Name Is Sharon Juwah.


Question 2

What Is Your Eye Colour?  ( I Don’t Know Why I Would Be Asked This Question Though)

My Eye Colour Is Coffee Brown  😉


Question 3

Do You Get Along With Your Parents?

Yes , Yes And Yes Twelve Times Over. I Love My Parents And I Can Proudly Say I Have An Enviable Relationship With My Overwhelmingly Amazing Parents. #Madlove


Question 4

What’s Your Heritage?

Umhh… I’m Assuming This Questions My Roots.

I Am An Igbo Girl Thus My Middle Name, Ifeoma.


Question 5

Dogs Or Cats

In All Honesty, I Am Not An Animal Fan. But If Asked To Choose, I Would Totally Go With Dogs


Question 6

Your Best Physical Feature

I Love This Question. My Best Feature Has To Be My Lips :*


Question 7

First Thing That Runs Through My Mind In The Morning?

I Honestly, Was Not Expecting This. ..

Umh… Thank You Lord For Another Chance I Guess.

My Biggest Fear Is Going To Hell. ( Makes Me Sound Artificial Huh) 😦


Question 8

Have You Ever Been In Love?

Well, Yes. (Hasn’t Everyone With Someone Or Something )

… I Fell In Love With My Best Friend.


Question 9

Would You Go On A Date With Someone On Facebook?

No, No And No.

Without A Second Thought. Internet Dating Is So Not For Me.

Never Tried It And Never Wish To.


And Finally Question 10

If You Were A Colour, What Colour Would You Be?

Simply Put, Black.

J’adore Noir (I Attempt To Speak French)



I’m the one with my 32 out on display 😉

Yes, I do like to smile alot 😀

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